Some people are not given much opportunity to make friends or be in a romantic relationship. The Cost of Loneliness  Project  identifies  loneliness as rapidly emerging  to become the greatest public health crisis of our time. When thinking about supporting people with intellectual  and developmental disabilities,  there is a  need to ensure that support includes … More

New Research Suggests Social Issues are Down to Neurotypicals more than Autistics

Originally posted on Intersectional Neurodiversity:
Picture by Joan M. Mas Autism is seen, in popular representations, largely as a social and communication disorder. Formerly framed as stemming from an autistic lack of a “social instinct”, the current dominant idea is that something is deficient or missing in autistic social cognition. Often referred to as a cognitive…


My aunt and her husband lived in a duplex atop a very steep hill.  When we would visit I would lay at the top of the hill and roll all the way down, a vortex of sun and soft grass. When the sky stopped its slow pinwheel of blue and white I would race to … More Unacceptable


My husband was recounting a story to me about a friend who has a child with a disability. Something bad happened to the child at school. Naturally, the parents wanted changes made to ensure that their child was safe. The school did not provide what was needed. The family moved on to legal action but, … More Weighted

Wait for it

I  had the pleasure of attending a meeting recently  where John McKnight was speaking about families as the catalyst for change in their communities. The organization that hosted the meeting is the Starfire Council and you can learn more about the work that they do here. I was excited to attend the meeting because I am … More Wait for it