What do you expect?


There are some common expectations that come along with being a parent. It is usually assumed that you will bring baby home, they will be educated, make friends, grow up and go on to higher education or training, work, family, and live on their own.

Obviously there are some variations on that theme, some people do not want to have children and some people do not go to college, but for the most part there is a “typical” life course that is anticipated.

Unless… your child has a significant disability. Then the expectations can vary widely.  In 2018 we still have families who are encouraged to institutionalize children with disabilities. Segregation in schools is still more common that not, and college or vocational programs too few.

When a typical child reaches their final year of high school, we refer to it as graduating. If that person has a disability, we call it transitioning.  All young adults are transitioning from high school to something else, but if you have a significant disability, far too often that transition is to waiting, watching television, and milling around at “day programs”.

What else can we expect?




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