Transforming the Conversation

As a parent, I often feel a disconnect between who my children actually are and the paper representation that floats from desk to desk in the world of human services. The one-dimensional client feels very divorced from the many roles my children occupy of son, brother, friend, neighbor, volunteer, artist, and so on. All people, regardless of disability, exist in the greater context of family, community and culture, yet these other attributes are oft ignored in the provision of services.

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I love language. I love the power words have on people. To speak to someone in kindness, to pour out love on someone, to encourage them. It can be magical. I believe the words we speak have the ability to shape us. Although I am very guilty of misspeaking and of putting my foot in […]

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One of my children has had the terms “profound” and “severe” thrown around regarding the disability that he experiences. As a parent of a child labeled as such, I spend a lot of time in various meetings with the purpose of evaluating what he can and cannot do, how often and how well. I wonder […]

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Social Roles and Safety Nets

Bad things happen. Turn on the news or look at social media and one can quickly ascertain that the world is not always a safe place. Unfortunately, people labeled as having an intellectual disability (IDD) are subjected to bad things at an alarming rate. As a parent of individuals who have been given this label, […]

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