some things in my life could have been different, and possibly made a difference in the way I experienced school. … More Expectations


Echoes of Atalissa: Federal agency sues bunkhouse owner for exploiting mentally disabled workers

“In September 2016, the EEOC sued Byrd’s company, Work Services Inc., alleging it had forced its intellectually disabled workers to live in a crowded, substandard bunkhouse, paid them “unconscionable wages” that were less than what nondisabled workers were paid, and subjected the men to a hostile work environment in which they were called “stupid,” “retarded” … More Echoes of Atalissa: Federal agency sues bunkhouse owner for exploiting mentally disabled workers


She put a padlock on the outside of her bedroom door. My mom’s roommate. She was beautiful and wild and I was completely in love with her. She was kind to me. She took me out for spaghetti once. Another time a picnic. But that day, the day of the lock, she was enraged. She … More Hoarder

Hot Potato

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Candice wrote a beautiful post on choice/work the other day.  Make sure to check it out. Her last line was powerful:  “allow them to choose with, not be chosen for.” This is the sentiment that underlies all of our best values:  Self-determination, independence, empowerment, and personal choice to name a few.…

For Hire

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“By the end of the year, though, Jamie had lowered his sights from “marine biologist” to “marine biologist helper.” And by the end of eighth grade, when we met with all his teachers and aides and paraprofessionals to go over the Individualized Education Program that would chart his way through high…

Transforming the Conversation

As a parent, I often feel a disconnect between who my children actually are and the paper representation that floats from desk to desk in the world of human services. The one-dimensional client feels very divorced from the many roles my children occupy of son, brother, friend, neighbor, volunteer, artist, and so on. All people, regardless of disability, exist in the greater context of family, community and culture, yet these other attributes are oft ignored in the provision of services. … More Transforming the Conversation